Client Successes

It is not unusual for clients to achieve 100% signup rates for vision therapy, but individual stories illustrate much better the kind of situations we can teach you to handle successfully.

Many of our clients are also happy to share their experiences with you on a personal basis. We can provide you with names and contact information upon request.

100% Sign-Up Rate

"Since our opening in the middle of June, we have started 36 new patients in therapy and are adding to that list at a rate of approximately 3 to 4 new patients enrolled in therapy per week - and that's at an average rate of $3,000 per case. We have only had one patient in all those evaluated who refused to enter therapy, but that was on my recommendation as the patient was a refractive amblyope and the cost would far outweigh the benefits from therapy in that particular case. I have diligently used your selling techniques in my parent consults following my evaluation, and, as you can see, it's been very effective."

L.M. O.D.

Instant Results

"I had hoped to have some time to review the new case presentation before I had my first consultation, but time didn't allow that luxury. I was amazed at the proceeding! Every single thing I faced had been addressed during the training. I was worried my twenty years of doing it incorrectly would re-surface but the new method of the presentation made so much sense it was easier than I anticipated. The parent scheduled therapy without hesitation and paid in full at the time of the first session!"

R.M., O.D.

100% Sign-Up Rate

"Our problem had been very low closure for patients to start visual therapy. We certainly could not be faulted for lack of effort in this regard but we had reached a level of frustration. We did as you suggested in our consult and since have had 100% success with all patients starting visual training programs. Your expertise has helped us to help these patients. Please accept my sincere thanks for your help. With your help I have no doubt of getting our VT program structured for success."

R.P., O.D.

Mom Refuses to Get a Second Opinion

"A mom recently signed up her child for VT. The day after my consultation with her, she made a routine visit to the pediatrician. While there, she told the pediatrician about the upcoming VT program. The pediatrician recommended she see a pediatric ophthalmologist for a second opinion.

"After leaving the pediatrician, she called our office to ask me whether I thought she needed a second opinion. She said, she didn't think she needed one because I had explained everything so well, she felt she understood it completely. Of course, I told her she was right, she didn't need a second opinion. She even started her child in VT one month earlier than she had originally scheduled."

J.F., O.D.
New York

Winning Over a Skeptic

"I'll never forget this one dad, 'Bruce,' who came in with his arms crossed, looking stern and skeptical. I could tell he was completely turned off. Prior to the work I did with Toni, this would have resulted in a patient leaving the office without getting the care he needed. However, as I followed the consultation sequence, not only was I able to find out why he was so negative, he also signed his child up for VT!

"As it turned out, his kid had gone through Occupational Therapy and they had never given him any idea of how many sessions would be needed or even an estimated cost of the program. When he saw what we presented he said, 'Oh! That I can do! No problem.'"


Two Years Later, Dyslexic Son Finally Gets VT

"I had a parent bring in her 12-year-old son because she wanted to be sure his eyes were all right. After the exam and binocular evaluation, I explained the problem and diagnosis the way Toni had taught me. The mother said an optometrist nearby had examined him two years ago and said the boy was dyslexic and advised VT but she didn't go with it. After I demonstrated what happens with convergence insufficiency and all (using Toni's consultation format), she signed up.

"The mom later told me that when she left the other optometrist's office two years ago, she really didn't understand what he had been saying. She didn't understand what dyslexia was and she didn't understand what VT was. She didn't understand the problem and therefore wasn't convinced there was a problem, let alone a solution!"

S.V., O.D.

Divorced Low-Income Dad Signs Up Son

"Toni, I'd like to share a neat example of the power of your consultation techniques. I know in my heart this wouldn't have happened prior to your training.

"I recently examined a young boy who needed vision therapy but lived in a broken home with just his dad, 30 miles away, and they are financially strapped. The odds were strongly against him getting into therapy-at least they would have been a year ago, before I began working with you. Thanks to the communication skills I have developed from working with you, I am able to transfer the belief I have in vision therapy to my patients and their families very effectively!

"This young boy now comes each week for therapy, brought by his maternal grandmother, who drives 150 miles one way to pick him up after school and come to my office. After therapy, she takes him home and teaches her son-in-law how to do the homework. I'm convinced she does this not only because she is a terrific grandmother but also because she, her husband and her son-in-law were able to reach a level of understanding of vision therapy and its benefits from the abilities you have empowered me with! Thanks.

"P.S.: They even paid in full!"

D.C., O.D.

Handling a Hostile Pediatric Ophthalmologist

"Thanks for the guidance on addressing the vision therapy-hostile pediatric ophthalmologist in the area. With the help of your communication techniques, I transformed this individual into a referral source for orthoptics and the comanagement of strabismics. She has even considered referrals for visual-perceptual deficiencies. (I might add that until I met with her, she was equipping each of her patients with the ophthalmological position paper that condemned visual perceptual mediation.) I have learned not to underestimate the importance of what to say and when to say it. The real estate market may have its 'location, location, location' but human relationships have their 'communication, communication, communication!'"

J.J., O.D.

"I won't schedule the evaluation if insurance doesn't cover it."

"Third party coverage was such a problem for our office that even referred patients weren't coming in for their first evaluation because the first question over the phone was usually, 'Will my insurance cover it?' I learned Toni's technique of dealing with this, taught it to the staff immediately and the very next call in to our office gave us the opportunity to use it. One of our therapists handled the call. She was delighted that she was not only able to field the questions so easily and effectively, she scheduled the appointment for the evaluation even though the patient's insurance wouldn't cover it! Previously she would not have been able to handle this and we would have had another lost patient referral. Thanks Toni!"

T.K., Office Manager

Steady Patient Flow in to VT

"We have a steady stream of vision therapy patients...from professional referrals."


80% VT 20% Primary Care

"We are quickly approaching the goal of 80% therapy and 20% primary care. It is so much fun to practice now - I work 3.5 days...We're still all private's great!"


Made Our Goals!

"Toni and I had set a goal, to me it seemed a bit of a stretch, but within 18 months we had made our goal. Now new goals have been made and achieving them is just a matter of time. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Toni Bristol for all your consultative needs. Toni refers to her company as Expansion Consultants. Expansion? - Bet on it!"


550% Increase in Income

"The bottom line is that our office has increased our gross income by over 550% since initiation of Toni's services a year and a half ago. There actually is an unlimited amount of patients available if you have the right person to promote your practice. Toni is invaluable."

C. H., OD

Immediate Referrals

"The most effective way to generate patient flow was presenting her power point presentations to school teachers and nurses, occupational therapists and most importantly continuing education to other optometrists. The referrals were immediate.

C. H., OD