Eliminate the Road Blocks to Success

There is a key difference between vision therapy and every other ophthalmic service: patients enter your office with six major road blocks to understanding why vision therapy is necessary, its purpose and its importance, that prevent your message from being heard before you ever open your mouth to speak.

Unless you know what those roadblocks are, and how to eliminate them, you will have constant difficulty building a successful VT practice.

Through years of careful research and experience with other practitioners like yourself, we have isolated all of the roadblocks preventing your patients from following through with your recommendations for VT.

Here's a common example:


True or False? – "One of the biggest roadblocks hindering the growth of VT practices is lack of insurance coverage."


False! While insurance coverage can be a valid concern, once our clients learn how to present VT using the Bristol Case Presentation Method, patients become motivated to go ahead regardless of insurance coverage. Patients follow through with the doctors' recommendations and get the care they need.

The bristol case presentation method brings you:

All this results in patients with excellent gains who rave about you to their friends, teachers, parents and other professionals!

You hold the key to dramatically changing the quality of your patients lives. Schedule your free initial consultation, or call us today:

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