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Program Customization

A Personalized Approach

"Toni has a knack for suggesting ideas and teaching me how to implement them so that I am empowered to make the changes, rather than feel like I am just doing what I am told. My practice gross increased by 40% the first year… I cannot recommend her more highly to anyone interested in improving their practice and desirous of being even more passionate about this exciting field we are in.”


Every doctor has his or her own style of practice. With the different styles, come different strengths and weaknesses. All of our programs are fully customized to utilize your strengths, and to strengthen areas of weakness.

Our programs provide the tools you need to achieve your personal, practice and professional goals.

Different Programs for Different Needs

We have a variety of straightforward and effective communication, marketing and management programs, which we tailor to each individual client. These programs include everything you will need to succeed:

Our Customized Programs Will Help You To:

We will help you with specific situations and overall growth—whatever you need to succeed.

Flexible Program Options

One of the keys to our success has been how we personally customize our consulting programs to the needs of the client. Each client’s situation is unique and each doctor has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Some methods of consulting that we offer are:

The Next Step

Schedule an initial, no charge and no obligation phone consultation. We will discuss your practice goals, the difficulties you are currently having, and suggest effective ways you can handle them. This consultation will also give us a chance to get acquainted. A number of doctors have commented that the free consultation alone has been enough to start them on the road to achieving their VT practice goals.

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