Media and Practice Management Articles

Toni Bristol has published numerous practice management articles that have been featured in several publications over the years. In addition, in 2003, at the request of the President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), Toni agreed to assist COVD as the Public Relations consultant. She held that position for approximately 10 years until the COVD International office was able to take over that function in April 2016.During this time, Toni wrote numerous press releases and Public Service Announcements which were published by COVD.

In celebration of Toni's 30th anniversary of helping optometrists have successful vision therapy practices, we are sharing the various press releases, Public Service Announcements, journal articles, etc. for your use.

In 2016, The COVD Board of Directors requested that Toni present a poster at the annual meeting. She presented this poster which provides a great overview of the history of the COVD PR Campaign, and was also published in eVISIONS.

Press Releases Issued by COVD

These press releases were all written by Toni Bristol and edited by the current presidents of COVD as well as the Executive Director, Pamela Happ.

2016Sports-Related Concussion

2015 Learning Disabilities Awareness Month 

2015August is International Children's Vision & Learning Month

2015 Autism Awareness Month

2015 Brain Injury Awareness Month

2014August is International Children's Vision & Learning Month

2014Autism Awareness Month

2014 Brain Injury Awareness Month 

2013August is International Children's Vision & Learning Month

2013Autism Awareness Month

2012August is National Children's Vision & Learning Month

2011August is National Children's Vision & Learning Month

2010 August is National Children's Vision & Learning Month

2005-2009Press Releases

eVISIONS Newsletter for COVD Members

VISIONS Newsletter for COVD Members

Visual Performance Today (VP Today)

Quarterly news supplement to Optometry & Visual Performance, Visual Performance Today (VP Today)

Optometry & Vision Development

The previous COVD Journal, Optometry & Vision Development (OVD)

Optometry & Visual Performance - Blog

Public Service Announcements created for COVD